OEM Spare Parts Manufacturing

OEM Spare Parts Manufacturing

The #1 Source for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Spare Parts for the Shiplift & Transfer System Industry

Pearlson Shiplift Corporation (PSC) is pleased to be the largest provider in the World for OEM Shiplift Spare Parts. As the owner of all Alten / Westerman / Worthington Shiplift Hoist and Marine Gearbox Proprietary design drawings, PSC has cemented its role as the exclusive source for more than 90% of the operating shiplift machinery presently operating in the World today. In addition, through unique partnership agreements with Reuland Motor Company and others we are pleased to offer our customers unparalleled support and service.


Hoist Manufacturing

Pearlson Shiplift Corporation prides itself on offering our customers superior quality and performance, with Hoist Machinery that is built in the United States of America. Since the invention of the Shiplift System in the late 1950s by Mr. Raymond Pearlson, all the way up until today, many of the same factories have continued to build exclusively for the Pearlson Family.

Many of our Hoists in the field have been operating for more than 60 years, and have logged more than 25,000 hours of operation. This is only possible by ensuring that our manufacturing processes meet the highest standards.


Synchronous Motor-Brake Assemblies

When Raymond Pearlson built the very first shiplift system in the early 1950s, he learned many lessons. One of the key lessons which he took away from the very first shiplift, was that one of the key principals of engineering a shiplifting system was to ensure that the motors acted Synchronously.

Since that time, Pearlson Shiplift Corporation has exclusively designed and built shiplift systems which use Synchronous Motor-Brake Assemblies. This ensures that no matter the load applied to the system, all of the motors work synchronously.


Wire Rope Assemblies

Pearlson Shiplift Corporation utilizes specialized, extra strength galvanized wire ropes in all shiplift applications worldwide. These ropes incorporate an independent wire rope core (IWRC) that is filled with a proprietary plastic. After the outer strands are assembled around the IWRC the rope is dawned through a die. All individual steel wires that make up the rope are galvanized prior to being drawn to their final diameter.

There is only one factory in the World that has been qualified to meet the strict criteria outlined for use within our shiplifting systems, and this a Bridon-Bekaert U.K. facility.

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We are the only company in the world that is devoted exclusively to the design, manufacture and support of shiplift and transfer systems.

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